Tuesday, September 26, 2006

More Daily Sketch Group fun

Here's another entry into Conceptart.org's Daily Sketch Group. The topic today was: RIDICULOUS SIGN POST BAFFLES BAND OF TRAVELLERS


Monday, September 18, 2006

I'm "Back"!

Wow, long time no post! I have an excuse tho. I've been laid up with a ruptured disk, and only just recently been cleared to work again. Which includes art work as well, I was put on a strict no-sitting diet. But I'm back on the horse and the first major work of the break is my entry for the Blizzard Games art contest. I'm not sure if my entry went through last night, but I had 3 days to complete this. I hope you(and the judges) enjoy it! I will also try to scan in some of the sketches I did while horizontal, I did some neat King Kong sketches while I was watching the DVD. See ya soon!

Well, they extended the deadline, so I did some more touchup on my shaman...