Thursday, October 30, 2008

This week's assignment

This is my assignment from last week, which was a layout featuring 2 point perspective. In all these assignments I try to make the perspective-y stuff secondary to whatever is going on, I dunno, I just like the human element and they don't have a lot of corners! This week I will have to put in all the tones and shadows with my grey markers, which I've gotten pretty comfortable with. They ain't so bad! Anyhoo, in the scene the young speedster has wrapped his '63 Austin Healey around the tree and the farm guy is pulling him from the wreckage. I did something fun with the car: I got some reference shots and drew one in the position I would need it in the layout. Then I tracing papered over it all the wreckage, then I applied that to the layout and used my microns over THAT layer! It took a while, but man, I'm happy with the results!


EDIT: Hey hey! Here is the finished version, markered and ready to roll. In the end I went in a completely different direction then I intended from the beginning. Please, continue to...


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another Page!!

Wow, how about that? I haven't totally given up on my latest project, going so far as making yet another page! I took the opportunity to redraw a lot of the panels in this one, and in every case I improved them. I'm definitely getting better, but I'm not there yet.


More from the Sketchbook!

Um, yeah, the title says it all...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sketchbook Posts

Ok, I scanned in a ton of sketchbook pages the other day, and I thought I'd start the ball rolling. I will post them 10 or so at a time until I run out. At the very least, it can provide some good content filler.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

School work!

I'm sure you noticed on your calendars that the Fall semester has begun, so without further adoo-doo, here is my...INTERESTING SCHOOLWORK POST!!!... First in the series. This semester, I'm only taking one class, that being Perspective.


Saturday, September 06, 2008

More pages!

Hi Everybody, I've been working still, just not posting. Here are the inks for pages 2 and 3, I'm coloring 1, and still laying out 4. Otherwise, School has started again, I have Perspective this semester, so expect some Isometrics soon and some architecture later. Perhaps, I will have other surprises as well, like if I ever get off my ass and scan some sketchbook pages, got lots there. Anyhoo, enjoy and I'll see you soon!

PS. I may replace some of the pics on these pages, a couple are kinda bugging me.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thank You Gift

My Little boy just had his 3rd birthday, and the local volunteer fire station was nice enough to set up a tour of the station and all the trucks. As a thank you, I did a pen and ink of their station house. It's 14" x 11" and I framed it up for them. I think I'm going to start talking around town about starting this as a service for some extra cake. I'd like to do our newly remodeled Library next...


Friday, May 30, 2008

Still more!

I've also been practicing on some comic pages to try and improve and heck, come up with a style. Either way, I'm really enjoying it. This is the first couple pages of my practice piece. The story doesn't necessarily go anywhere now, but it could. I'll probably just use it for a portfolio piece. BTW, the bottom left image on page 2 is being swapped out, it's too weak.


Back again

Well, school is out for the summer, and I can start posting stuff again. Man I'm lazy! Anyhoo, first up is a special sketch I did for my little buddy. He loves fire trucks (I think all little boys do) and I was in Boston for the HOW design conference (it was awesome! I had never been to a trade show thingee before) and I was taking a break. Outside the conf. center was this really cool old fire house and I thought Bear would love it. So, I busted out the sketchbook and did this:

BTW, I have more cool stuff to post from my sketches, bear with me.

Friday, January 18, 2008

More Character Design!

Ok, here's more of what everyone's been clamoring for! More of my character sketches from my upcoming comic project! Included is further practice with Red, some Rosa ideas, Charlie and a couple of other police officers. I'm still trying to get to a point where I can repeat Red and the others without having them all look like different people.


Christmas Card

Ok, here comes a flurry of posts! This is a combination Xmas and Moving card I did for a co-worker who had relocated to NYC. She wanted to reference both themes, therefore, Ice Skating, in Central Park! There was also a greeting and address info on the inside.