Monday, January 09, 2006

Old Sketches and Drawings

Here are some of my old sketches from as far back as high school.

This has always been one of my favorite pics. (1997)

done about the same time (1997)

This is a partial page from a comic I was practicing on. Never finished it(surprise surprise!) but I liked these frames a lot. The only problem is the poor perspective on the outstretched hand, should have been bigger.(1996)

Another comic frame (1996)

Hey! Who's this young fella? This is a self-portrait from an assignment in college. Sorry about the scan quality, the original isn't in very good shape. (1990)

A drawing of the Thunder god (1989)

At the time, Ironman had just gotten a new suit... (1989)

Feral Wolverine (1988)

Last but not least, Snake-eyes from GI Joe in action. (1987)


Post Modern Ennui said...

Take note n00bs. You've been pwned by these fine sketches. Pwned as far back as you can remember.

Anonymous said...

Nice stuff Hal, didn't realize you were so talented.