Wednesday, February 22, 2006

New Work! (not the BIG IDEA tho...)

Ok, I've finished my sketches and it's ready to be painted. Check back soon to see how my first major digital paintwork turns out! (Oats crosses fingers and toes)

Progress marches on!

Here are the preliminary sketches for a piece I'm going to do in photoshop. Some of you might recognize the subject from an earlier meeting doodle. I actually plan to do the entire piece digitally, and these were done entirely in photoshop and I loved it! It was very liberating to draw without any consequences, very freeing. Anyhoo, included are the landscape rough, a close-up of the characters face, and a rough positioning draft for the character. I think I'm going to reduce his scale, as he is probably too big as is. Enjoy, and watch for updates as work progresses!

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Post Modern Ennui said...

That finished sketch turned out awesome.