Friday, May 08, 2009

My First Watercolor and an Update

Hi all, I've been working on school steadily(next post, sculpture!), along with practicing comics and actually a lot of other stuff I should scan and post up here. Anyhoo, the point is, I did a nifty little watercolor for my wife to try out a new paint set I bought a few months ago that has been terrifying me. So I sucked it up and did a 4x6 painting of Disney's Wilderness Lodge(our favorite vacation spot). It was actually a cool time doing it, and I will look around for something else to try.

In other news, I "finished" my 5 page comic sampler and sent it to the only major publisher still accepting open submissions-Dark Horse. Well, they didn't reply so, I'm going to keep working and trying some new things. Or in this case an old thing. I picked back up on my work on Tharn's Warcraft story. Follow the Grym Tiding's link to the right to check out the newest addition. I decided to put it out in easy to digest strips rather than trying to bang out pages at a time. Instead of making excuses not to work, I'm trying to make it easier TO work. So far so good. Keep moving forward mule. Yah Mule!


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Post Modern Ennui said...

Nice work. Watercolors and I never really got along too well. You seem to have a better rapport with them.